DSEI 2017 Hosts World’s largest Arms and Defence Fair

About 35,000 people from across the world are expected to attend the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) expo that opened at Excel in London this week. The event is open to registered members from defense related industries till the 15th September 2017. DSEI is hosting more than 1500 exhibitors displaying arms and military wares from close to 54 countries. The fair also features stalls setup by space focused corporations like Thales, BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin.

In 2016, the United Kingdom was able to secure orders worth close to £ 6 billion (Rs 50,000 Crore) for it’s vendors. Globally UK is the second largest arms exporter after the United States. The chiefs of defence staffs from different countries will be speaking at various seminars organized for the occasion. The talks will focus on warfare, arms development, space exploration, cyber security and a host of related topics.

The event has also attracted it’s fair share of controversies, more than 100 protesters were arrested this week for trying to disrupt the event. Demonstrations were organized by protesters who are opposed to the increasing global arms sales and the conflict it creates in impoverished countries. Arms sales to Saudi Arabia have come under particular scrutiny as it stands accused of using them to perpetrate atrocities in Yemen. Some pictures from the event follow below :

vr headset

Exhibition visitors wear Virtual Reality headsets to view the latest military hardware.



An anti-aircraft gun on display.


apache uk

The Boeing AH-64 Apache attack helicopter on display at the dockyards.


navy ship

A navy ship belonging to the British Navy.


tank new

A military tank manufactured by Rheinn Metal.



British Mutli Terrain Vehicle(MTV) manufactured by RheinnMetal.



Assault rifles and small arms on display at a counter.



An All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) on display at DSEI 2017



A mannequin displays military uniform and arms.



A turret gun of one of the destroyer ships.


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