Live In A Space Capsule For Rs 2000 Only

Science Fiction writers have for long been writing about space hotels and outposts in our solar system. Generations of sci-fi readers have grown up on descriptions of space pods, habitations and space cities in exotic locations across the universe. However, after all these years of space research and progress, all that mankind has to show is the International Space Station (ISS). A white elephant that cost US$ 150 billion to build and requires US$ 3 billion annually in maintenance. The ISS has a full capacity of 6 astronauts and getting there via the Soyuz costs close to US$50 million (Rs 300 Crore). This puts it out of reach for most people.

So while another generation waits to realize it’s dreams of travelling and living in space, travelers to Singapore can experience life in a Space-pod starting from just Rs 2000 per night at the Met A Space Pod Hostel. This space themed hotel provides cost effective accommodation in the central business district of Singapore at an affordable price. Take a look at the pictures and video of the hostel below.

Please note: Anti-gravity experiences are not included in the capsule fare.

met a space entrance

Entrance to Met A Space Capsules in Singapore


space pods

The space capsules are arranged in a row on top of each other.


lighting inside the pod

Lighting inside the space pod.


space capsule

The dashboard of the space capsule contains controls for light , air-conditioning and television. A locker for valuables is also included.

Watch a Video Tour Of The Facilities Below:

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