Citizen Journalist is an online platform where citizen journalists, amateur astronomers, scientists and researchers share and publish stories about the latest developments in Astronomy and Space Science. We also publish updates about workshops, seminars and conferences related to Astronomy, Astronautics and Space Science.

Every year researchers and students across the globe organize events for the public and scientific community. By submitting updates about these workshops to our news portal you can reach new audiences across the web.

Every week, will select content submitted by Citizen Journalists and display it in our featured section of the website. Please read through our guidelines before you submit news articles.

Who can Contribute ?

To publish content on this website you must be 18 years or older.

What kind of content can Citizen Journalists contribute ?

This website publishes news articles related to Astronomy, Space Science and Technology related to these fields. We also publish Op-ed’s and Commentary about the latest developments in this field.

For your report to be published it must fulfill the following conditions :

  • The report must be unique and related to Science & Technology. It must not have been published earlier on another website.
  • You must own the copyright to the Content, Images, Videos accompanying the article. Credit must be given when you have borrowed it from other sources.
  • The content must not infringe on somebody else’s copyright.
  • It must be true and must be based on facts and should use data to back up it’s claims.
  • Content which includes hate speech, obscenity and is offensive will be rejected at the discretion of the editorial board.

Your can email the editor by using the contact form below :

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